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Mike And Darren: Tips For Leading Your Network Marketing Team


Network marketing is an exciting business opportunity. It has proven, time and again, how thinking out of the box can reap the rewards. It has become such a popular option for many people that the industry has become highly competitive.

Network marketing leaders now have a massive challenge – how to combine technology with their resources and knowledge and use it to build a robust and highly-capable team.

Mike and Darren, the duo behind some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business, believe that a team is only as good as its leader. Based on their years of business experience, they share some of the most important things a great network marketing team leader must do.

A Good Leader Never Assumes

According to the Darren and Mike Dream Team, assumption is the death of every great opportunity. A great leader will not see an opportunity and simply assume that other people will see it from the same perspective without proof, evidence, or data.

A great leader will never assume that the team will work without continuous guidance. A great leader will never take a team’s drive to excel for granted. An assumption makes you guess the results, and this is something you do not want to happen in network marketing.

A Great Leader Creates an Environment of Growth

A great leader can expand the team and create more opportunities that will benefit the team over the long term. You should never set a limit on what your team can achieve. When you expect your team to excel, they will do so, given the environment of growth you have prepared for them.

A Great Leader Shares

There is no such thing as a secret in a team. If you want your team to reach higher and go further, always give them every tool and ammo you can reasonably give.

You cannot expect your team to perform well with limited resources; even if they tried, they might not do as well as they could have. Share your knowledge and your expertise. This is your time to mentor and guide.

A Great Leader Recognizes Great Team Members

No team survives without validation. It is part of human nature to want to seek approval, and a great team leader knows this. Recognition is not flattery.

It acknowledges a stellar performance that should be lauded and duplicated. Recognition allows high-performing team members to shine for their efforts and set the bar for other team members.

A Great Leader Shows Appreciation

Sometimes, team members do not get the results they worked hard for. If you want to show respect to your team, show them how much you appreciate what they do.

Sometimes, all people need to perform at their best and go the extra mile is the knowledge that their leader cares. Don’t be afraid to tell your team that you know what they are going through and that you are there to back them up. This is something that Darren and Mike do often to help their team know how important they are to them.

A Great Leader Gives Credit to Whom It is Due

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As a team leader, like Mike and Darren, you will be running a team that will look up to you. However, know that while the team’s performance reflects your leadership, it is not to your credit alone.

If your team has worked hard to get from one success to another, give them credit for their achievements. Never take the spotlight off someone else, so it shines only on you, especially if that person deserves it.

A Great Leader Invests in the Team

For Darren and Mike, self-propelled MLM teams are the hardest to build but are worth it. These teams exist because their leader invested in them. Mike and Darren encouraged knowledge sharing, skill-building, and mentoring to create teams focused on action and delivering results.

A Great Leader Checks In With the Team

A great leader is skilled at recognizing when their team needs help. They can identify those dreaded pain points and learning plateaus so they can step in and offer more focused support.

As a leader, you do not have to know every little aspect that concerns your team, but you have to know where they are, what took them there, what’s stopping them, and what they can do about it.

A Great Team Leader Encourages Learning

In network marketing, you are as good as a rock on the race track if you stay in one place. You not only cannot do anything for yourself, but you are also a stumbling block to others.

If you want to take care of your team, encourage them to keep learning to update their knowledge, get them up to par with the newest industry standards and news, and give them the confidence to take care of business. Remember that network marketing is a dynamic industry; if you cannot cope, you get left behind.

A Great Leader Leads by Example

You can encourage your team to work hard all day long, but if they do not see the same effort from you, they likely will grow to disrespect your leadership. Great leaders know that actions – not words – are far better at convincing even the most hesitant recruit.

How Darren and Mike Can Help

Mike and Darren know a thing or two about the challenges of transitioning from being a team member to a team leader. Leaving behind their successful corporate careers to start their ventures, they have seen and experienced the unique opportunities that network marketing can offer.

They have also seen how many people have let these opportunities pass them by because they did not know any better. Today, the Darren and Mike Dream Team offer their expertise to create better leaders and help them identify opportunities from the proper perspective using suitable approaches.

As Darren and Mike’s reviews can attest, the right mentors using the right tools and training can make a huge difference in how well an entrepreneur can succeed at network marketing.

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