How to keep yourself busy during confinement?

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After several weeks of confinement, why not take advantage of all this free time to increase your skills? It is important to keep yourself safe at home, but also healthy! And keeping yourself busy is one of the keys.

At the beginning of confinement, everyone found new occupations, divided between sports or artistic activities, and the challenges launched on social networks. If you’ve already rearranged all your closets, sorted your papers, and completed these pending tasks for several months, you can now use your free time to acquire new skills.

1- Improve your level of foreign languages

If you want to improve your skills in a foreign language, improve your skills or even learn a new language, several platforms give you a boost. Learning a new language improves your memory and has many benefits for your health on long term.

You can take Spanish online classes and still make friends besides of learning. Just choose the right school to do it: online classes need a very professional environment for learning in an efficient way. Expanish is one of them, with over 11 years teaching languages in Argentina and Spain. You can even plan to take classes in Spanish school Barcelona after confinement!

Composition writing is effortlessly the most routine kind of assessment in higher education. Composing an article might be a bothersome undertaking for anybody which is just not made any simpler whenever the educator makes an project and after that expects you to actually produce the right topic. These documents should reveal your own personal expertise together with information on many different matters.

We provide a large variety of academic essays to fit your demands. Throughout your own time at any academic institution you’ll be asked to compose several essay types. If you decide on our writing support, it is possible to actually be dead certain for your successful document! When you purchase a custom essay from us we will always give you the maximum large quality creating.
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2- Organize your home office

This may be obvious to most who can or who were already working remotely but for the other good number of activities are totally possible to do from home. You can act as usual in teleworking or better, take the opportunity to set up all the software necessary for the proper execution of remote work.

Cloud documents, software such as Skype, Hang out, Slack, Team Viewer, Drop Box, you’re spoiled for choice! You can finally take the time to train your teams in teleworking and you will not complain about being overwhelmed and not having the time to do so. You will be able to see the difficulties encountered and take the time to resolve them, especially if your activity weakens.

Take advantage of this period to get to know everything that is being done and identify the advantages!

Bored woman with ffp2 face mask peeks out the window during quarantine over covid-19 crisis. Stay at home concept. Empty city under confinement. Valladolid, Spain.

3- Do some storage

Never have time to organize your files at home or on your computer? Now is the time to do it, especially if you can only do a few tasks. Creating a real workspace could save you time in the future if you haven’t already. Do not hesitate to create storage and organize yourself.

Take the time to properly set up practical classification systems and ask yourself about sharing documents remotely. If you used to do it all from your desk, you can optionally go scan everything in one go or bring back all the documents.

You can also simply clean your house while you do! You will also find that it is very pleasant to alternate work at home and at the office. You get used to it very quickly!

4- Start training at home

Have you always dreamed of losing weight and having chocolate bars? Now is the time to get started. With a minimum of 15 days of confinement (which should quickly turn into 30 days), you will impress your employees at your desk. It’s time to get into good habits!

You might as well take advantage of this exceptional period to return transformed. So do not hesitate to get into bodybuilding or fitness exercises that are entirely achievable from home. You can also better monitor your diet and take the time to cook good, economical dishes!

You also have plenty of time to take care of yourself so don’t hesitate.

5- Prepare yourself to find a job (in case you don’t have one yet)

Job seekers, whether they have been since the start of confinement or for longer, must also put in place an action plan so as not to be completely disconnected from the labor market. From this observation was born the “Prepárate para el empleo” initiative of the Adecco group in Spain: this is a campaign created to motivate job seekers and support them in their daily routine during quarantine. The group gives tips to boost their job search, stay positive and strengthen their personal brand.

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