Keeping Your Employees Safe at Work Amid the Pandemic

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After the quarantine measures that resulted in the closure of business establishments, some employees fear going back to work. Considering that closed spaces could cause the spread of the virus, offices are a considerable risk. If you eventually get back to work in an office, these are some tips to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Practice social distancing

Make sure the desks are at least six feet apart. You should also place protective covering to divide the employees. Even in shared spaces, social distancing is essential. You can also consider the guidelines recommended by the government to remain safe at work.

Hire cleaning services

It would help if you had someone to disinfect surfaces regularly. It helps if you can hire a cleaning service to provide regular help. During the lunch break, everyone will be out. It’s the perfect time to do a deep cleaning. Maintain this practice even when this pandemic is over.

Inform employees about the policies

Older employees should know about the changes you decided to implement to keep everyone safe. New employees have to agree to these policies, and could even be a part of the contract they have to sign before accepting the job. Both health and safety practices should be in the new office policy.

Don’t let everyone go to work at once

You can divide the time employees spend in the office. Perhaps, some of them could go to work from Monday to Friday while others will be around from Wednesday to Sunday. Reducing the number of people in the same area could help in practicing social distancing. Ensure that departments closely working together go to the office on the same days. Even those who work from home also need to guarantee they can return the assigned tasks on time.

Always empty the trash

The maintenance team that you hired should empty the trash to prevent viruses and bacteria from sticking around. There should also be a separate bin for hazardous waste, such as masks and gloves. If you do general cleaning, you can find a dumpster rental in Boca Raton. The good thing is that all items that need to get thrown away will be in the same dumpster. The rental company will take care of what you decided to throw out. Some rental companies have partnerships with recycling centers so that your trash can still be useful. Encourage everyone to be mindful of their waste and throw it in appropriate bins.

Offer paid sick leave

Some employees force themselves to go to work even if they feel ill because they don’t have paid sick leave. It means that they could spread the virus while they’re at work. You can’t blame them since they need money to provide for their family’s needs. Tell everyone that if they feel sick, they should stay home. If they can keep working, it’s good. Even if they don’t, they will still get paid.

These changes are necessary for keeping everyone safe. You want your employees to be healthy, so they stay productive.

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