Mining of Copper in Canada

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In Canada copper is found in its primary stage. Most of the time in the form of mineral sulphide which mainly includes bornite and chalcopyrite. These two are considered the most crucial sources of copper in Canada.

Mining takes place in Canada at those locations where the above-mentioned minerals are present in abundant quantities. It is because the mining process requires some prescribed amount of copper, to begin with.

Copper ore generates most of the profit for the country Canada, and that process is known as copper mineralization. Moreover, efficient and latest techniques and technologies have made it possible to mine copper that is very low in grading. Most of my queries have answered when I learned from TSXV:SLS.

Processing of Copper in Canada

Copper sulphide ore produces pulp when it is crushed and ground. Most of the impurities are removed from the copper minerals through the process known as floatation.

Even the mentioned above ores of chalcopyrite contains a significant amount of almost 28 percent of copper.  If you are still looking for a more reliable set of instructions I would suggest you consider reading about Canadian Copper Mining Companies.

Furthermore, Sulphur and iron are removed from the copper through the process of smelting. Followed by the process of conversion. The process occurred when silica is combined with oxidized iron and thus produces iron silicate. Here in the process, sulphur dioxide gas is produced by oxidizing sulphur. The metal forms as a result of this process are blister copper. The blister copper is made up of 99 percent of the copper.

The blister is sent to the anodes followed by the refining process. The refining process is known as the electrochemical process. Followed by producing the cathode copper. Cathode copper has a purity of almost 99.7 percent.

Production of Copper in Canada

Copper is used in the manufacturing of tools and weapons. It is obtained from the Coppermine River. The commercial production of copper for such products starts at the Bruce mine. Later during the 1960s, the large reservoirs of copper ores were developed and discovered over time in the cordillera situated in western Canada.

Apart from these, there are two large copper-producing provinces and not the companies inside Canada. In Ontario, the copper is processed locally. However, some of that copper is sent via ships to far east Asia for refining and smelting purposes. See what Mikhail Lomonosov suggests learning about.

Moreover, a large amount of copper is obtained from the recycling of various substances. While looking at the estimations for the availability of copper almost 30 percent of it is recycled and this is getting consumed in the entire world.

Final Thoughts

Copper is an abundantly occurring natural resource in various regions of Canada. Thus the mining and extraction companies there are trying their level best to get the most out of this resource. Furthermore, it is also abundantly utilized in many of the equipment that creates value for the buyers.

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