The Benefits of Vehicle Tracking for a Plumbing Business

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Like most contractors, plumbers spend quite a bit of time on the road. As such, plumbing businesses need solutions that can help to streamline their operations. In a plumbing business, there are likely many personnel driving in between jobs at any given time. This is necessary to sustain the operations of a pluming business, but is difficult to assess where your personnel is located at any given time.

Fortunately, there is a solution to better manager and streamline your services. It will help you save time and keep track of everyone’s location in order to better assess the timeframe in which jobs can be completed. This innovation is called plumbing fleet tracking, and it uses GPS tracking technology to conveniently track your vehicles’ locations and travel times. This GPS tracking solution for plumbing companies gives managers and company owners real-time information on where plumbers are, which has several benefits. With that in mind, here is how a plumbing company can use plumbing fleet tracking to better streamline their operations and keep their customers happy.

Create Accurate Time Estimates

It is practically stereotypical that plumbers and other contractors don’t show up on time, or at all. This is not a great look to gain repeat business, and it also can cause legal issues down the road if the work is not completed, even if it not the fault of the plumbing business. However, using plumbing fleet tracking, a plumbing business can assure that the plumbers show up when they say they are going to. It can also allow plumbing businesses to more accurately assess the time in which they can get to a job site. For example, if a plumber tells a customer they will be there in an hour, GPS technology can allow management to verify that estimation and make sure that it is accurate.

Tracked Work Hours

Not only does plumbing fleet tracking allow companies to make more accurate time estimates, but it also allows them to track the hours at the job site. This is because the vehicle is to remain at the job site through the point of service. This also helps when a customer disputes the amount of time spent on a job. Using this information, a plumbing company can accurately back up their claims of how long a job took in order to properly bill for their services without issue.

Loss and Theft Prevention

A plumbing company’s vehicles and equipment are the most expensive part of their operation. Without these vehicles and assets, a plumbing company would have to build itself back from the ground up. As such, it is crucial to make sure that these vehicles and equipment are cared for properly. Using GPS technology, you have a completely built-in way to track what is going on with your vehicles. You can also track down your vehicles in the event that they are stolen and know where the vehicles have been if equipment ends up missing.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to plumbing fleet tracking for plumbing businesses. Not only can plumbing companies create more accurate assessments of time and better track work hours, but they can also help decrease the chance of loss or theft and increase a plumbing company’s bottom line.

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