5 Creative Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out


Trade shows are huge opportunities for ideas to circulate and for businesses to get off the ground. When you’re standing in front of your trade show booth, you’re not just standing around waiting for people to notice you. You’re representing your brand and all it has to offer. For many businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, tradeshow displays can be the thing to set them apart from the competition, creating a host of connections with loyal clients. That’s why you can’t skimp on appearance when it comes to your trade show display booth. Showing vendors what your service is all about is a huge deal, and first impressions are everything. If you’re itching to make your trade show display stand out, here are a few simple, out-of-the-box ways to make it happen at your next event.

1. Add Depth

At trade shows, there are a lot of sights that catch the eye, and even more that fade into the background. At large events like these when everyone is visually competing for the attention of a few key players. It’s easy for those players to get exhausted quickly. That’s why you need to make your display not only stand out but stay grounded. It’s easy to create a large, overwhelming display that’s created to bring people in. It’s a harder task to make your presentation stand out visually without using size alone to make a point. Using a cohesive design and different stands, projections, and table runners for depth, make your display booth pop without looking messy. Stick to a palate of a few, basic colors, and keep your font small and professional. Viewers respond better to branding that’s simple and elegant with a lot of space to spare. Don’t go all out with your presentation: Focus on a few key details that will make your brand stand out without doing the most.

2. Create an Immersive Experience

It’s one thing to walk by a display booth and wonder what it’s all about. It’s entirely another to be invited in, with the promise that you’re entering a different kind of experience. Don’t be afraid to counteract flatness by opening up your display area and making it visitor-friendly. Encourage passers-by to mix, mingle, connect, and play around with the product or ask questions about the service. The less intimidating and more visually open your booth looks, the more visitors you’ll be able to attract. The key is to create a sense of curiosity about your display, and an approachability that will have onlookers coming back again and again to see what all the fuss is about.

3. Splurge on Graphics

Nobody responds to a cheap-looking display. What’s more, everyone can tell what looks cheap from far away. When it comes to graphics, there’s no escaping the fact that you get what you pay for. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your company’s visual branding looks as good as the product itself. Even if you’re working with a tight budget, your graphics shouldn’t be the area where you decide to hold back. Hiring an experienced designer who’s going to work with you every step of the way to create the logo, display, and background visuals that you want will help you attract more viewers and potential clients even in the midst of insane competition.

4. Make it Interactive

Make it Interactive

What’s more interesting, hearing someone talk about a product, or being able to actually sit down and use the product? When it comes to understanding what a business, product, or platform actually offers, the service should speak for itself. Your booth shouldn’t only offer passersby a chance to play around with what you’re selling, ask questions, and get familiar with the concept. It should invite them in with the promise of games, quizzes, and social media-linked experiences that turn the experience interactive. Show the world that your brand isn’t afraid to reach across platforms to communicate with its audience.

5. Use All Available Space

No matter how large or how small your booth is, use the space you’re given to your best advantage. That means not just filling the space with display boards and signs, but learning how to use the empty space you’re left with to invite participants to learn, talk, and get close. Make your booth an inviting place where people can come to learn without being preached to or talked at. Don’t stand behind your display, but in front where you’ll be more easily approachable. You should position yourself not as a lofty expert, but as an educator willing to talk, help, and field questions.

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