5 Reasons For Undertaking Basement Underpinning in Winnipeg


Basement underpinning refers to the procedure of lowering the basement floor or reinforcing the foundation in order to increase ceiling height. In order to achieve that, soil placed underneath the crawlspace and concrete slabs has to be removed and the soil underneath together with the basement floor removed.

With the ever-increasing cost of housing, unavailability of free land and building code restrictions, basement underpinning is considered to be one of the top options any homeowner can use to add value to their house. Basement underpinning in Winnipeg was mainly used to provide cellars and storage rooms. Here are reasons why most of the homeowners in Winnipeg consider basement underpinning as a desirable option.

1. Helps in Uncovering Hidden Mechanical Problems

You will uncover hidden electrical, insulation, HVAC and plumbing systems when you lower your basement floor. This will make them easily accessible by foundation specialists in Winnipeg for upgrades, inspections, and repairs. This is important when you are living in an older house since it will make it possible for you to modernize your house by fixing and replacing the old insulation, waterproofing, electrical and plumbing systems.

2. Helps add More Value to Your House

Although hiring foundation specialists in Winnipeg to help remodel your home will cost you lots of money, you will be sure of getting a great return on investment when you decide to sell your home. Underpinning in Winnipeg will help increase the value of your home and add more living space. Homes containing basements are known to be appealing to a higher number of potential home buyers.

3. Expanding the Space Available in your Home

Homeowners in need of extra space can always use a crawlspace, which was initially used for storage instead of an addition above the ground. Lowering the basement area is capable of providing you with a more usable area.

4. Have a Drier and Healthier Home

There are times when the older basements can have leaks and cracks that allow seepage of water. Moisture problems in the basement will lead to the growth of mould and musty odours. Several mould types pose a great health hazard to homeowners. When you hire foundation specialists in Winnipeg, they will be able to repair any problem during the underpinning process.

The foundation specialists in Winnipeg will easily install waterproofing components and improve the quality of air in the added room by ensuring it is kept dry and rid of mould and mildew.

5. Helps in Improving the Structural Integrity of their Homes

Underpinning in Winnipeg  will help in strengthening your home’s structure, increasing its lifespan. This is very important in areas experiencing extreme weather conditions like the drought that is common in Winnipeg. Soil type and aging can also lead to foundation damage. Regardless of a homeowner’s reasons for deciding to undertake an underpinning project, a new foundation will reduce the risk of severe damage and strengthen the entire home.

The advantages listed above makes basement underpinning among the most cost-effective and best methods one can use to add more space to their house.

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