Change Any Room Fast with This One Inexpensive Item

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Looking to perform a quick change to take your home from meh to marvelous? Go with inexpensive window treatments. Whether simple or casual or refined and formal, window treatment can profoundly change the atmosphere in any room. Even better, you can do this on a budget. Most people figure, after buying the curtains, you still need to purchase all the accessories to hang them, but you can work magic with double sided rubber tape.

Why Re-invent with Window Treatments?

Adding window treatments creates a focal point. They offer design to a view or can be the foundation of the room’s color scheme. Window treatments can also provide more practical functions, like controlling light, offering more insulation, or creating more privacy. Even the more graciously furnished rooms don’t look quite that complete without window treatments. It’s easy to slip them onto curtain rods, but for those practical apartment budgets, double-sided tape will do just fine.

Selecting the Size and Proportion

Whatever type window treatment style you consider, the size and shape of a window will impact the possibilities and limits to your options. The area around the window, above and below will influence your choices. Of course, there are no hard rules to that dictate the proper scale and proportions of a window treatment, but there are generally accepted proportions that are more pleasing to the eye. If you want top curtains with a valance, for example, designers often follow the rule of fifths to determine vertical proportions of window dressings. In other words, the depth of a valance should equal one-fifth the height of the overall window, from top to bottom. This is the method designers use, but there are no rules when it comes to how you want your windows to look.

Should You Use Hardware?

Even hardware can make a room stand out, but most people shy away from hardware because of installation. Yet again, you can choose hardware that can be installed with double-sided tape, instead of nails. For one, tape won’t leave holes, and the most you’ll have to do, if you remove the hardware is re-paint the area. Hardware can be key in the overall look and function of curtains. If you choose window treatments with pleats or large rings at the top, it will require a rod, yet the hardware that holds up the rod can be stuck to the wall with the tape. For contemporary curtains, a brushed nickel, cast iron, or bronze curtain rod will flow nicely with the look, keeping with the contemporary, modern look. But keep in mind the weight of the curtains. Double-sided tape is sturdy and durable but consider how much of a load the tape can bear.

Change a Room with Shades

Another option for window dressing is using a simpler, more streamlined approach. Shades can add style and function, and if budget is a concern, you can opt for a quick fix. Ready-made window treatments, like roman shades, swags or valances are simple window treatments that can be installed quickly. Windows treatments will instantly give your room personality, and installation can easily be completed, in a day, before dinnertime, with the help of inexpensive tape.

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