How Automated Kiosks are Changing the Way we Make Purchases

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Some countries are much farther ahead than the others when it comes to technological advancements and the way they use technology to improve their lives. While the U.S is pretty technologically advanced, Asian countries like China, Japan, and Korea have been using certain technologies for years, and they are just now starting to flood into the western market. One of these technologies is automated kiosks, which have been branded the future of retail and customer service.

These kiosks can be found in every corner in Japan and Korea and they sell anything and everything you can imagine. Since around 2013, these kiosks began to slowly make their way in the American market. You may have seen them at fast food restaurants– Panera Bread and McDonald’s are some examples– where they allow you to skip the line and avoid interactions with people. You can simply walk up to the machine and place your order just how you like it. This is good for customers because it makes their experience faster, and most people prefer to use technology and are excited to try it. You can also take your time when using a kiosk if there is no line behind you. Most places will have more than one to avoid lengthy and time-consuming purchases.

You’ve also most likely seen kiosk outside concert and sports venues. You can use these to pick up or purchase your tickets easily– sort of like an ATM. They are also available at airports, where you can perform a self-check-in. Now, cities are using these kiosks in innovative ways. For example, some kiosks can serve as phone charging lockers. Simple, pay, get a code, input the code in the designated locker, and go ahead and charge your phone with the cable provided. You get a new code every time, so only you will be able to open the locker. This can be very useful when visiting a city, you’ve never been to, or when you forget your charger at home.

These kiosks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Most of the outdoor kiosk design is done by third-party companies that want to help a business grow with the use of a kiosk. It is no longer enough to just have a functioning kiosk since there are so many, it is important that a kiosk looks good and attracts customers. Kiosks now boast many colorful designs that attract certain customers that are going to use their service and make a purchase.

All in all, it won’t be long before automated kiosks can be found in every corner offering all sorts of goods and services. The process eliminates the middleman and gets rid of the human error factor that most retailers have. While Kiosks are not designed to replace human interaction, they are a certainly a step into the future of retail business. Next time you’re walking around and see an outdoor kiosk, give it a try. You might find you’ll enjoy the experience more than you thought you would.







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