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How to Conduct Research Before Buying a Franchise

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First-time entrepreneurs and savvy business owners alike will turn to franchising opportunities as a way to own and operate an enterprise or enter an industry that they feel has lucrative potential.

The main reason being that purchasing a franchise comes with a variety of benefits that offer a greater level of security for growth and success. You’re going to the marketplace with the power of an established and familiar brand behind you.

There is often a support system that accompanies that brand name as the franchisor will supply the franchisee with everything necessary to get up and running, including training in how to provide the service or product of the business to the public, marketing of that service or product, and the equipment and other essentials necessary for operating the business.

But every good business professional knows that you’re going to need to your due diligence as to the various facets of owning and operating a franchise for that particular brand first.

This is an essential step to take before you purchase a franchise because of the level of commitment you will need to take on, both financially and professionally. Not everyone knows how to conduct that research, so we’re going to go over the fundamentals that must first be ascertained prior to purchase.

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This will obviously be one of the most important components to research ahead of time and these should be clearly explained and understood as you conduct your research.

You will be expected to put up some kind of sizable investment to buy in, but you also need to know what you’re paying for up front and what other expenses will also be a part of this enterprise. Most franchisors will fees that include the initial purchase cost as well as royalty fees which will vary depending on the business.

There are other costs that you will need to assume as well such as rent and utilities of your location, legal and accounting fees, insurance costs, equipment costs, and so on. You want to know exactly how much you’ll be expected to pay before you commit.


What kind of support systems are in place when you sign up for a franchise with the brand? Do they offer marketing and advertising to help your business? What about technical and training assistance? Most franchises will provide many of these things, the extent of which can vary.

There are some franchisors who will give their franchisees a level of independence that puts more pressure on the business owner to sink or swim all by themselves.

Ask Around

You’ve sought out carpet cleaning franchises for sale but what do other franchisees have to say about their experiences with the companies you’ve identified? Asking those who have taken the plunge ahead of you will bring about a wealth of information.

The franchisor will always put forth the best possible image to those who are eager to buy in, but getting the inside story from those who are currently or no longer working for a company can tell you about the challenges you’re likely to face, as well as the positive and negative aspects of solving them as a franchisee.

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