How You can Choose the Best Colours for Your Business Brochure

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Creating a great brochure does not just involve knowing what your target audience wants, but also knowing what the purpose of the brochure is all about. But apart from this, there are other aspects you need to think about, such as the headline, text and copy, images, and even fonts. There is another aspect, however, which deserves some careful thought: the colours. Deciding on the colours for your brochure will often be based on your own business colours, but there’s more to it as well. Here’s how you can choose the best colours for your business brochure.

Do your research

In your quest to find the right colours, you need to think about the brochure’s foremost purpose. What is it really for? Are you making a brochure for a specific product or service, or are you making it for an event? Is the brochure for a special presentation to prospective clients? Once you know the real purpose of your brochure, this can help you decide what colours to use.

Check out your images

If you already have images and photos which you would like to use, take some hints from these as well. You can use these images and photos as a reference point for the colours of your brochure, and it will make your brochure look more consistent. For example, if you are promoting a travel agency and certain tourist destinations and you have a photo of a sunset which you would like to use, you can base your colour choices for the brochure on the photo.

Know the meaning of different colours

There is a psychology behind the use of colour, and advertising experts, as well as brochure, banner, leaflet, and folder printing experts from Better Printing. know this. That being said, you should have a good idea of what colours mean and what kind of emotions they can evoke in your audience. Different colours have different meanings, and if you know what these are, this can help you choose the ideal theme.

For instance, did you know that white is often used when it comes to beauty products as well as medical services? The colours blue and grey are also quite popular when it comes to the corporate sector, as they signify stability and tranquillity, whilst the colour green is usually used by companies that promote wellness and organic and natural items. The colour black, on the other hand, often signifies luxury, whilst the colour red usually stands for passion, but it is also used a lot when it comes to promotions and sales.

Stick to a limit

Whilst you may think that using a variety of colours will make your brochure attractive, it can only work if you are promoting, say, a line of children’s clothing or toys. You should make it a point to limit your use of colours to two or three major ones. This will allow your brochure to look simpler and more elegant. One example of this is if your company’s colours are white and navy blue. It would be a good idea to choose another colour which complements these two colours. Of course, the colours in your images can still be as varied as possible; the limit only applies to text and graphics. Good luck!

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