Six ways to improve motor trade customer service

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Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so it’s important to build and maintain a good level of customer service.

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According to the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, 95% of highly satisfied customers will be most likely to return. The motor trade is no different to any other industry in this respect, so here are some ways in which to build and retain your customer base.

First impressions

A customer’s first impression is the one that is likely to last. Make sure your store front or garage is welcoming, clean and attractive. Whatever services you provide, make sure your customers are made to feel welcome. If they need to wait anywhere, make sure there is comfortable seating in a clean and pleasant area.

Know your business

To gain a customer’s confidence in your service, you need to demonstrate knowledge in the field above and beyond what you do. For example, you may be an excellent car salesman or mechanic, but an in-depth knowledge of your market, including your competitors, the specifications of their goods and their prices will show that you’re an experienced individual that can be trusted. That trust is then reflected in your customer’s perception of the company you work for.

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Make sure your staff are available as much as possible

Customers today expect immediate service, as and when it suits them. Make sure that your phone and emails are attended to immediately. Out of hours? Think about having a contact portal on your website which can be responded to the next business day.

Time matters

It doesn’t matter how attentive you are, keeping a customer waiting will leave them feeling less satisfied. Keep them informed of your progress, giving them an estimated deadline and then sticking to it.

Behind the scenes

So that you and your staff can deliver a flexible and accommodating service, you need motor trade insurance that covers every aspect of your business services. Online commercial trade insurance brokers like Quotemetoday can help you choose the cover you need.

Constantly look for ways to improve

Even if your customer satisfaction ratings are good, don’t rest on your laurels, as it only takes one bad customer experience to damage your reputation. Look at each step in your customer service experience and think of ways where it can be even better.


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