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Business gifts are original, they make life easier for those who receive them. Corporate gifts are chosen carefully. No other marketing element has the same effect. These small gifts are loved by all, enterprising companies and happy recipients. Follow these top tips and get it right:

Why are company gifts a good communication tool?

Because they convey positive values ​​such as respect and union. Your business gift enjoys eye contact – since the people will use their gifts in everyday life and use them frequently.

Does a business gift make sense?

Of course, yes! Promotional gifts bring out the image, establish and take care of contacts, encourage purchase and increase sales. Success requires an ingenious strategy. Find out about costs, establish a budget, research the efficiency of the business gift as a marketing strategy and look for ideas. The result is effective and profitable, with the perfect gift.

Christmas, anniversary, sales promotions, customer retention. The question of “when”

Business gifts do not have to be always seasonal. Surprise your customers, employees and partners with a business gift. This unexpected gesture has a very effective advertising effect.

Appeal to the client with your company and promote the purchase. Think during the design phase if you are going to treat it as a gift for a specific or permanent reason. It’s worth it, especially for the budget.

Our advice: Timeless gifts are used by customers on different occasions. The question of when is directly related to the time factor.

Consider planning for design, production and shipping. Customised products and specific finishes require agreements between companies and suppliers of advertising items. The specific design of a product usually requires more time. Establish a plan and consider the shipping times. Remember: last-minute orders are reflected in the price.

The perfect gift for everyone

A practical water bottle for the most athletic, the most stylish bag for the most fashionable. The most obvious and easy thing is forgotten in the day to day constantly: the target audience. Define the characteristics of the recipient in advance. Consider hobbies, preferences and expectations.

With the help of these selection criteria, it clearly delimits the customers and, in turn, shows the customer the gift has been created for them. The design and function of a business gift depend on gender, age, industry and other characteristics.

How much?

The price of a business gift depends on several factors. Your budget, the purpose and the image of the company. Establish a budget and consider delivery as part of your marketing strategy. Take advantage of the different prices. The greater the quantity, the better the discounts are usually.

The purpose of the article also determines the price. Promotional items at a fair are usually cheaper, quality items for certain customers tend to be more expensive. You must take into account your business image Do you produce luxury items? Then you must choose a quality item or lose credibility.

A good idea is only half the gift

What matters is the detail. Your target group has already been analysed. In the best of cases, you now know their special needs. Following these, choose a special product for the recipient. If the recipient is a technology lover, give him a powerbank. If they spend a lot of time in the office, a good cup of coffee may be appropriate.

Choose a category and compare different products with each other. Criteria for a good advertising article are utility and quality. The added value of the article is directly related to the efficiency of your advertising campaign. The more useful it is, the longer the article will be used. The contact increases.

Consider whether it is a good article for your purpose. Is there space for an advertising message? Does the design of the gift fit the image of the company? Establish the design and personalise the product with the design of your company.

An effective presentation

When and where will the product be delivered? It can be during the signing of a contract, the first day of work of an employee or some event at a fair. During an event, it is best to deliver the gift personally. This way you can highlight the positive effect of the article. Give them your attention and send them a gift. Also, with the gift, you can give a personal touch with a handwritten card. Emphasise the gift and its message, give it at the right time. Be sure to capture the attention of the recipient.

Have you thought about all these aspects? Then you are on the right path to finding the ideal advertising gift. Surprise your customers, employees or business partner with an original idea and a perfect corporate gift.


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