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After fire extinguishers, the damaged area is filled with not only water but also with smoke and soot along with burnt objects. The affected area is flooding with firefighters efforts, using the fire hose extensively add water to the affected area.

Fire itself is devastating incident that can happen anywhere and anytime, leaving home-owners panicked and frustrated. Firefighter use extensive water with pressure to stop fire and can flood walls, floors, ceilings and household appliances. Furniture and carpets are soaked with water.

Besides water, wet and dry fire extinguishers are also use in case of fire start up. These both types of extinguishers contain chemicals, which are harmful and leaves behind corrosive residue. It is necessary to clean up after fire stops and make your home livable and safe.

The home-owner needs to contact water cleanup services for the restoration and cleaning up of their home to pre- fire condition. These clean up companies also deal with cleaning after fire situation and the restoration of building and objects. They help in removing smoke odor and deep cleaning of soot from carpets and upholstery, which should be done as soon as possible. Otherwise the smoke odor persists in your object and inside the surroundings of your home.

These cleaning and restoring service providers know the value of your home and household items, especially your personal belongings and keepsakes. These are precious items and mean valuable for the home-owner. Their priority is to restore these belongings and keepsakes to its original condition if possible. The cleaning services use different methods of cleaning, such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning, spray cleaning, abrasive cleaning, immersion cleaning and spraying.

These different cleaning methods are used for cleaning different types of things damaged by fire, smoke, soot and water. Everything requires different cleaning method according to its nature and experts from water cleanup services knows it very well.

Many rental property apartment fire happen every year and cause extensive damage of billions of dollars to the property owners. Just after the fire extinguished, it is important to know the actual cause of fire, when it is still fresh in tenants minds, present at the incident. Discuss with the tenants about the fire accident, to understand the actual cause. Sometime the fire happens due to the negligence of the tenants. During party, someone accidently knocked over a candle or was smoking in the unit and started fire. The electric problems and gas leakage may also cause of fire damage. To solve the problem of fire incident, it is important to know the actual cause to prevent further such incidents in future.

The fire department also investigates the cause of rental property fire from their sources. Everyone should cooperate with them, the tenants and the property owners. The property owner should get the copy of their report from their office.

After fire if the property apartments are unlivable, the tenants need temporary housing. A number of agencies and support organization help people in this condition. The local officials can assist you in finding these organizations. After locating the cause of fire, local housing regulations and your terms of lease, may burden you with more expenses of the cost of the temporary housing of tenants. Some insurance may cover these expenses, regarding the cause of fire is the negligence of tenants and code violations.

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