How To Find The Perfect Legal Candidate

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When an established law firm decides it is necessary to add legal talent to its roster, they will often turn to a qualified, reputable legal placement specialist. These legal recruitment agencies bridge the gap between lawyers on the hunt for a new (or their first) job and established law firms. They can help find the ideal candidate for your firm. Don’t be afraid to look outside the company for help!

Most firms that require additional attorneys are busy. They do not have the time or resources to conduct a truly comprehensive search for an associate. In this situation, it is smart to get help from legal recruiters or a similar, independent third-party. When a law firm is considering using a legal recruiter to satisfy its hiring needs, it means that they recognize the need for some outside expertise. Legal recruiters match their clients’ firms with a selection of candidates using database research, a combination of professional and social networking & marketing. A legal recruiter will also help by providing the client with a direct search. A direct search allows a firm to find candidates who are highly qualified, but who may not be actively job hunting. A direct search also helps law firms find candidates whose profile has not been entered into a particular database.

Many experienced and trustworthy search firms are made up of former practicing attorneys as well as other legal professionals. This experience and knowledge gives them a better level of understanding of the client’s unique situation and their current needs. Thus they provide a personalized service that takes into account a client’s organizational structure and culture, easing the search for that ideal job candidate.

For job candidates that are contemplating a career move, using a legal recruiting firm is a smart choice, too. One of the jobs of a legal recruiter is to serve as the agent for the candidate and “sell” his or her potential to prospective law firms. But beware: a candidate should work with just one  reputable legal recruiter. When a law firm receives simultaneous inquiries from multiple recruiters regarding the same candidate, it gives them the impression that the candidate is desperate, disorganized, or both. An effective legal recruiter will create an in-depth personal profile for the candidate and position them in such a way that they can be matched up with a law firm that best suits his or her needs. The recruiter will take the initiative in understanding a candidate’s background, interests, and career aspirations. This allows the recruiter to create an effective profile for the candidate, and a personalized, focused approach to the recruiting process. Unsurprisingly, many candidates and legal recruiting firms develop long-term relationships.

A legal recruiter will also help by capitalizing on the professional relationship established between themselves, candidates, and clients. A recruiting firm also serves as a liaison between candidates and clients, assisting in arranging and coordinating interviews, facilitating offer negotiations, and providing client and candidate feedback. In both the job hunt and the search for the perfect employee, legal recruiters are an indispensable resource.

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