Dealing with People in Formal Setting


Building an organization from the scratch is not an easy task. It would only be successful when the people handle every task effectively and efficiently. The organization is said to be successful when the goals are achieved and objectives are met.

The goal achievement of any organization depends on the people working there. What motivates one individual may not be appealing to the other. Their behavior and attitude towards the assigned work matter most, so, in this aspect, a highly motivated employee can work well as compared to the low energized coworkers.

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Work Values of Seniors

An employee who belongs to generation X works with the mindset of achievers. They primarily work with a lot of zeal, by putting their whole vigor in the assigned work they people then demand the grants and benefits from the organization for their performance, and then in turn they show loyalty by further providing services in the same workplace for so long.

Work Values of Juniors

Whereas, the employees related to generation Y are not concerned with the idea of putting much effort into the work may be due to the reason that they are just a click away from all the information they need to perform well. They also demand their work to be appreciated by the senior people to whom they are accountable to but as soon as a more charming opportunity with better salary and wages strikes the younger employees they take no time to switch their job.

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Effective Management of the Workforce

Employees working in an organization might differ to such an extent that it at times becomes difficult for the manager to deal with a diverse workforce. The reason behind this is that the employees belonging to the different age groups have previously been brought up in a different environment and societal norms that their interests do not favor each other. Moreover, the technological shift that has taken place in the recent past has also changed the working patterns of the younger workers.

How to Cope?

The generation gap among the workforce gives rise to a diverse workforce that may or may not share similar interests, opinions, and concerns which may result in disparity among the employees working under the same roof. In this matter the effects it leaves on the organizational performance can only be understood by knowing the cause of it.

Both of the generations should give each other space and most importantly respect which is the core value when it comes to pairing of the individuals for working together. The younger ones must embrace their mistakes and the elder ones should be patient enough to mentor them if needed. While browsing, search for Oprah Winfrey.

Final Thoughts

Managing and leading a diverse workforce is not child’s play. However, it is highly rewarding when done right.

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