Do You Need Dock Boards or Dock Plates for Your Business? All You Must Know


Dock plates or dock boards? It is a question that most business people ask themselves. However, which one of them should you buy? These two docks are similar in function and appearance that has led to confusion while trying to figure out the correct dock for the situation.

These docks have slight level offs and flat surfaces but plays a role of bridging the gap between loading docks and trailers. They might look similar, but they also have differences. So, you need to know the difference so that you can maximize the workplace safely and efficiently.

Dock plates and dock boards are therefore designed to play different roles- either light-duty or heavy-duty loads. When you have the correct component, then your loading or unloading will be efficient and also protect employs from accidents.

  • Dock Boards

These are designed such that they can be used while loading or unloading heavy loads. Such types include forklifts, heavy-duty machinery. However, these boards are manufactured from aluminium or steel for additional strength and stability.

Besides, they also carry cutouts or chains such that forklift will easily transport it.

  • Dock Plates

These are designed such that they can hold light equipment like foot traffic, pallet jacks and hand carts. They are made from aluminium but light in weight than dock boards. The design can also allow two people to move and some have handles or handholds for them to accomplish it.

So that you can prevent the plate from shifting from one place to another, they have locking legs underneath. So, they will not be used with power.

How to Select the Best Dock Board

When you want to purchase a dock board, the first thing you can consider is width and length. So that you can determine the length, you have to measure the dock height which is the height of your largest truck that will use that dock. Besides, also remember to consider the capacity of loading equipment.

For commercial dock boards, they will come with two standard sizes including 35” and 48.” However, if you need to buy a large one or a small one, they are also available. It is advisable to choose a dock board with a minimum of 12 inches wide considering the width of pallet or vehicle used when loading.

On the other hand, considering the maximum weight will be essential. Here, you will determine the weight capacity you need from the dock board. The dock boards will always be rated according to the maximum capacity each single shift operation.

Lastly, you will find some having an easy-roll device, a feature used to make work easier. Some of the accessories might include lifting chains.

Final Words

If you are trying the best one to choose, the first thing you can consider is weight capacity. When you want to load or unload heavyweight applications, consider using a dock board. However, if the machine will move with hand trucks for lightweights, then choose a dock plate. It will give portability.

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