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Enjoy VR Experience with VR devices  from GameStop


Give your employees a break from business, destress and go for enjoyable VR experience with VR devices  from GameStop.

Step up their VR experience with PlayStation VR from GameStop. Start with the basic level PlayStation VR headset.

Let your employees get immersed to a virtual world and overcome their challenges. Everything is better and unexpected  in PlayStation VR. Gamers  go through unexpected experiences as they play the newest PlayStation VR game releases. Easy to setup, just plug PlayStation VR to PlayStation Camera and into PlayStation 4. The VR display makes gamer  feel like being there and 3D audio technology makes it look likes its real. There are no distractions your employees can freely explore a new world. Their movement is precisely captured on all PlayStation devices. They can play for hours in their  device without any discomfort. This device comes packed with many games for them  to try before purchasing full version.

Go beyond the average VR experience and let your employees get  immersed in a surreal world with a HTC Vive Virtual Reality System from GameStop. The controllers will become second nature after the first VR experience. A lightweight device that won’t cause nausea or lightheadedness. Your employees will encounter situations their  eyes won’t believe and be craving more every time. With HTC Vive the gamer is in control and can freely react in

360 movement. HTC Vive places your employees  in the center of the virtual world.

Let your employees meet their other persona in a virtual reality with Samsung Gear VR1 from GameStop. Every movement they make converts flawlessly to a virtual one. Welcome to the word in a bigger dimension..now they  can reach top of the Alps, get to a music festival in another country and have their always dreamed superpowers. Gear360 brings their friends from far away closer to share moves, chat and watch  a movie in the Oculus Room. Gear VR controller lets your employees explore games and have more natural movements. The game is on, let them join in and play their  part. Your employees will have  fun and can pick from thousands of 360 degree experiences to go on an adventure.

Your employees will enter a  world beyond their imagination with Utopia 360 headset from GameStop. The moment they put on their  Utopia 360 headset they can count on getting the full 360 experience in any angle. This device is light and portable to carry anywhere in the office. Utopia 360 cares about your employees vision and has Lucidview Lens System to prevent eye straining. Utopia 360 adjusts to the shape of your employees head for a comfortable fit. This device has dual adjustable focus to adjust the focus and line up eyes to the lens. Be aware that Utopia 360 doesn’t come with a controller. This is a great VR to start off to not break the bank. Utopia 360 is limitless and compatible with many apps.

Get your business ready for virtual reality and let your employees explore the most up-to-date VR headsets from GameStop

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