Compound of glyceryl tributyrate – Solution for tributyrate!


Glyceryl Tributyrate.

What is Glyceryl Tributyrate.

Glyceryl tributyrate can call as replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms. it usually obtained by the process of conversion to oil or liquid in to soap and alcohol process.

What is Glycerol Tributyrate

Glycerol is a simple compound based in to colorless, odorless, viscous, sweat tasting and non-toxic.

Trusted glyceryl tributyrate

We serve high quality glyceryl compound in feed of additive solution to clients all over the world who looking our quality service livestock production. Eubiotics functional solution serve this glyceryl compound too. The production made under quality. Who trust us to be the quality compound partner in worldwide.  Additionally, our global brands made us more quality to distribute fully range of comfortable that we made under customer requirement.

Our Main Products.

Poulter – Poultry industry followed growth stage of chicks to maintain standards of that industry to improve the production with assured food safety and quality. From this usage helps to improve their health and making their health to reduce the risk of diseases.

Cattle – In this industry we are focusing high quality solutions in order to keep improve the health of the animals and keep away them from spreading diseases. The usage of feed additives to make sure that it is available with the proper quality high standards.

Piglets – In early growth of stages piglets available at farming them compare to their overall health condition. Usage of non- antibiotic compounds essential factor to helps improve the health of piglets and making their more safe and secure.

Fish – Functional solutions with fish is a major part that directly helps day today health of the fish. We will not only maintain quality authentic solutions but mostly we have to maintain health and encourage to get high quality feed additives in this country.

Our Popular Products.

Ranges of functional solutions used as feed additives to manipulate world new outcomes as a highly demanded productivity organization. We have assumed high popular products from our web sites.

  • Thymol
  • Sodium Butyrate
  • Tributyrate
  • Benzoic Acid
  • Glycocyamine

Our Formulas.

In our depth details of our formulas developed and manufactured using purest chemical compounds to bring them more quality at all times. It will process like this

Eubiotics is a world-renowned manufacturer in high quality chemical compounds by making feed additives in the live industry. We schedule entire process of developing best formulas and manufacturing them using chemical compounds through the process of research and development expert panel. Which means animal nutrition and chemistry hold decorate some set of fields.

We produce chemicals compounds that best of acid supplies to include purest compounds and high quality.

Our Certification.

Globally we have highest quality manufacturer chemical compounds used to feed additives for animals and assured safety. The high-quality production in our compounds including glyceryl tributyrate and glycerol tributyrate control the process in the industry and the same way we have proved our certifications by making highest quality chemical compounds through professional experts.

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