How Board Portal Software Helps Crown Agencies


At a time where even multinational corporations are getting hacked, it’s understandable that organizations are turning to technology that keeps their communications secure. For Crown agencies which have a broad public mandate, technology that streamlines their communications while also ensuring they are secure makes it an even more appealing solution.

Let’s look closer at the different ways board portal technology helps Crown agencies.

Communication Made Simple

Board portal technology makes it easy for Crown agencies to communicate using a single centralized platform, which in turn helps them achieve their mandate for better governance.

Board portal software is cloud-based, meaning directors have full access to the software on any device they’re most comfortable using. It also means that there is only one source for communications — so it is no longer necessary to scroll through old emails or text messages.

If you are looking for a board communication portal that offers more than just a quick way to communicate, however, you should check out this board of directors management software that makes it easy for people in different geographic regions to collaborate digitally. This software facilitates sharing and annotating documents, so directors can give feedback or ask questions about important documentseasily. Also, they canquickly and efficiently learn the opinions of other directors by issuing polls. Logs make it possible to know who has and has not read certain materials.

Ultimately, this software ensures your decision makers will quickly get the information they need, which helps Crown corporations achieve their mandate for openness and transparency.

Communications Kept Secure

Crown agencies are answerable to the public; they have a directive for transparency in decision-making, but they also need to ensure that security remains tightly controlled.

Industry leaders like Aprio use advanced encryption algorithms, and ensure that any servers being used to store information adhere to independent, third party requirements for security certifications. This keeps bad actors from accessing the data in the first place. Also, every single log in must be safely authenticated, so it’s easy to know that the only people who have logged in were meant to have access.

In the event that your agency-issued device goes missing, the data can be wiped remotely, which prevents data breaches caused by lost devices. If you’re without your device but you need access to important information before a meeting, you can simply log in from any smart phone, tablet, or whatever device you prefer. This prevents the Crown agency from experiencing any operational interruption.

Intuitive Interface

Software is only as powerful as the features people actually use, and board portal software is designed to be extremely intuitive on any device. You don’t need to have a mouse or a keyboard to get the full experience. Most of the functions can be performed by common drag-and-drop or finger-tapping techniques we use every day in smartphones and tablets.

In the event that there are questions or software issues that need to be resolved, make sure that the software supplier you select has 24/7 customer support available via phone, email or text. Ideally, the company should already be familiar with your product and your company.

New technology is constantly being developed, and news cycles still contain stories about data breaches. But with technology that keeps communications secure and streamlined, Crown agencies have already found the solution they need in board portal software.

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