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Looking For Storage – Why You Should Consider Climate-Controlled Units in Victoria


If you have some valuable items that you do not have space for in your home, you are probably thinking about storage units. If you are looking to store items that are easily damaged by very high or low in temperatures, such as antiques, mattresses, electronics, important documents, musical instruments and upholstered furniture, you should look for climate-controlled storage in Victoria, BC. Climate-controlled units maintain a constant temperature throughout the year. Some storage units even provide enhanced humidity control. Such units might be costlier, but they can offer you peace of mind when storing certain treasures.

While self-storage is enough for many different household or business items, climate-controlled storage in Victoria, BC is essential and highly recommended for sensitive items such as electronics, fine art, and antiques, among other things. Such items will require more than stuffing them in moving boxes in Victoria and placing them in the garage, attic or basement. If you are planning to place such sensitive items in storage, you will want to consider the many benefits of climate-controlled units. Here are some reasons why you should consider climate-controlled storage units:

Protection from Temperature Extremes

In many parts of Canada, temperatures can be very high during summer and very low during winter. Sensitive items, such as antiques, musical instruments, and wood furniture can suffer from splitting, cracking, or warping because of the constant changes in temperature. Items like books, business records, and fine art can be damaged because of the lows and highs of temperature change, as well. Climate-controlled units keep a steady temperature, so your valuables will be safe from extreme temperatures.

Great Air Quality

It is common to ignore air quality when choosing a storage unit for your items. Standard storage units are not sealed the same way that indoor climate-controlled units are. Air in climate-controlled units circulates continuously, so the air inside remains clean. This way, you do not have to open your unit from time to time to get some fresh air into the unit. Air quality should be high on your list of priorities when choosing storage for sensitive documents or electronics.

Additional Barrier from Debris and Dust

Climate-controlled units are often placed in buildings with insulated and sealed roofs, floors and walls. Therefore, these units are less prone to dirt, and since they are inside a building, there is less chance for insects or rodents to establish a home in your stored valuables. Another advantage here is you will have less debris and dust reaching your items. You will find your things just the way you left them, regardless of how long you store them.

Added Peace of mind

You will realize that climate-controlled storage in Victoria, BC is a bit more expensive than traditional storage. This extra cost is often irrelevant and overshadowed by the level of peace of mind you get knowing that you have protected your valuable items from temperature changes, as well as weather-related mishaps. Nevertheless, if you are storing things that are not valuable for just a short period, traditional storage is enough. You can just put the items in moving boxes in Victoria and place them in a regular storage unit.

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