Selling ERP Software to Business Clients


Market research has shown that ERP has become the predominant strategy for modern enterprises to automate their day-to-day administrative and operational tasks and combine them for ease of management. Most companies implement ERP software that helps them manage everything efficiently and make the right decisions on time. All major functional areas, including purchasing, manufacturing, sales, distribution, human resources, and accounting, are integrated into one software that helps management balance all activities and achieve complete business transparency.

Companies in the market have applied the best technologies to their business environment.

Sellers today must target small and medium businesses to sell their products. Considering that all these small or medium-sized companies are in constant development, the strategy of this provider is quite logical. Given that these SMBs (Small and Medium Business customers) are growing, they need software such as ERP capable of automating their business processes and increasing the productivity of their employees.

The ERP sales process is not easy. The sales cycle of ERP is very long compared to the sales cycle of other products. In many cases, the salesperson has to spend a lot of time at the customer’s location to get started in the customer’s business environment. The sale of ERP largely depends on the ability of the seller to convince the business owner that his company needs an ERP application.

Suppliers usually meet and discuss the problem with the IT manager, but the IT manager does not have the right to decide whether to buy a new product or not. Since ERP software is an expensive product for SMBs, the only person who can make the decision is the business owner. Therefore, the seller must meet face to face with the business owner to be able to sell the ERP software for their business process.

Business owners often entrust the selection and evaluation of all erp software in Australia to an external consultant. In most cases, a small or medium business owner will enlist the help of an external consultant when it comes to the ERP software evaluation process. Thus, we can say that external consultants have the greatest influence on the choice of ERP supplier. Hence, meeting with the business owner and an external consultant at the same time is a vital step in the process of selling ERP software.


ERP sales are not an instant process. The minimum ERP sales cycle lasts at least three to four months. Customer reviews are time-consuming, even if the seller is smart and can convince the customer to buy the product immediately. During this meeting, the customer should be offered other detailed information about the product so that he is convinced that purchasing an ERP application is an excellent opportunity for his business process.

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