Simple Guide to Compare Car Insurance


Getting a cheapest possible quote for your car insurance along with best possible features and add-ons is everyone’s objective. But getting one without compromising on your coverage isn’t easy. One way which proves beneficial to buy a car insurance is to compare car insurance online. It’s ethical, logical and proves economical at the same time! Don’t we do comparison on several websites before buying a smartphone? We do right! Likewise when it comes to car insurance, just comparing the price won’t be good enough. There are several factors one needs to keep in while comparing a car insurance quote online. This article will help you on how and what basis to compare a car insurance.

  • Getting quotes from several insurance companies

It is essential to get quotes from at least 4-5 insurance companies to compare. Since there are possibilities that a couple of insurance companies may only have a mere difference in their car insurance premiums. By doing this one can easily see the difference in coverage and can buy the best deal as per one’s convenience.


  • Make sure you select similar add-ons coverage with all insurer’s

By selecting similar add-ons covers with various insurer’s you make sure that all insurance companies are on the same page. This will, in turn, help you in buying a desired car insurance policy.


  • Have a look at all the policy details, inclusions and exclusions

While comparing car insurance, make sure you have a look at the benefits, features, inclusion, and exclusions, and services etc. to get a step closer to a tailor-made policy for you.


  • Mentioning correct details across all insurance companies

You are ought to get accurate quotes only if you mention your personal as well as vehicle details correctly. However, make sure the details are same across all insurance company websites.

Please note: There are websites which are only made to compare car insurance of different insurance companies. Brokers and Web aggregators have an upper hand when it comes to comparison of different car insurance components. Also, if you don’t opt for comparing websites, toggling between different pages of insurers becomes very difficult. There are chances that one might overlook the similarities and dis-similarities among the various elements of car insurance.

Common Misconceptions about Comparing Car Insurance

  • Comparing car insurance is a complete waste of time

This belief is totally untrue. Yes, you might eat up a bit of time whilst comparing various features and benefits of different insurance companies. But, that’s only if you are toggling between websites of insurance companies. To avoid this, one can compare all the different components of car insurance all under one roof. One can do this by simply visiting a broker website like


  • You might confuse yourself by comparing so many things

Comparing car insurance will not confuse you, but will clear out all your hesitations.  Comparing car insurance will narrow down options for you and will make your buying decision smoother and hassle-free.


  • There is no assistance provided by insurance companies

Well! This is a completely wrong notion. If you are confused between options or have doubts or queries you can immediately contact the sales advisors team of an insurance company or the broker directly.


  • Online car insurance companies are not authenticate

Not all insurance companies are licensed through IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority). No doubt, there are websites which are not safe, however, if one should opt insurance companies which are licensed through IRDA.

What should one look for in a Car Insurance?

  • Opt for a Comprehensive coverage

Charity begins at home, thus opting for a package/comprehensive policy will not only cover your own vehicle but also protect you from the third party liability.


  • Zero depreciation add-on

The repair cost of parts of your car like plastic, rubber, glass, and fibre is not covered in a comprehensive policy. Hence, a zero depreciation add-on cover will pay for parts like these.


  • Claim ratio

Settling for a cheap policy and some add on’s is not the end. It is essential to look for an insurance company with top claim settlement ratio. Good claim settlement ratio means there are very fewer chances of your claim getting denied. However, remember claim would be denied if not legitimate or was not as per the policy’s terms and conditions.

Summarized Points

  • Comparing car insurance on a comparison website is more beneficial (like brokers, aggregators)
  • It is essential to compare the benefits, features, plans, inclusion and exclusions of insurance companies.
  • By comparison alone, you can reach the desired insurance plan for your car.


Comparing a car insurance is as necessary as requiring fuel to your car, without which you will face hurdles to reach your destination.




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