The Essence of Backflow Testing & Grease Trap Cleaning in Calgary


Do you need backflow testing or grease trap cleaning in Calgary? Thankfully, you can talk to a professional plumber to complete the services in a timely manner. However, you need to be sure you are dealing with a reputable plumbing company if you’re looking for quality, long lasting results. Below we shall find out some of the important aspects of backflow testing and grease trap cleaning.

What is the importance of backflow testing?

Do you have a proper, functioning backflow prevention device? If yes, you will have a clean drinking water supply with no contaminants. However, if the device has malfunctioned, then it is highly likely that the water supply to your home will be contaminated. For this reason, it is important to call in a professional plumber to carry out regular backflow testing. This action effectively prevents contamination.

While it isn’t a common occurrence, you need to take vital measures to prevent the failure. Backflow will only occur if the main water delivery is flowing at a significantly lower pressure than your home’s plumbing system. Therefore, it will happen whenever there is a higher demand for water supply or when your home has a burst or ruptured main. Consequently, it is critical that you maintain your backflow prevention devices. By doing so, you ensure that if anything goes wrong, a safeguard will be in place.

Backflow testing: How often should it be done?

You should get a plumbing contractor to test the backflow once or twice each year. Note that the device must be tested or inspected by a specialist with a license to complete the task. Most plumbing contractors in Calgary offer this service.

Instead of dealing with major problems, plumbers recommend that you carry out routine maintenance and prevention by testing, inspecting, and repairing any faults in your backflow system. The highly skilled and reputable plumbing companies in the region provide a thorough and complete backflow prevention service that includes a complete inspection, repairs, and testing.

Grease Trap Cleaning in Calgary

Without a functional grease trap, there is a high risk that your plumbing system will suffer serious blockage. Oil, fat, and grease harden in the sewer pipes, thereby causing overflows in parking lots and in the streets as well. Furthermore, you might experience an issue with clogged drains, backflow in the sinks in your establishment, and foul odours.

If you wish to ensure your grease trap is properly maintained, then you can count on commercial plumbers to carry out routine cleaning and maintenance. Busy restaurants, for instance, need regular clean outs for their grease traps, which should ideally be done every 6-12 weeks while the smaller restaurants can go for much longer intervals before ever needing a clean out. If there is a foul smell emanating from the grease trap, then you should immediately schedule grease trap cleaning in Calgary. If you have traps with requirements for routine maintenance, it is highly recommended that you schedule cleaning and maintenance appointments at least twice each year.

Whether you need testing for your backflow system or you simply need grease trap cleaning in Calgary, consider talking to a plumbing contractor in your area.

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