The Original Smart Security System


With the latest technology trend focussed so heavily on smart devices, many people are opting to buy digital security locks and camera for their home residences. This development may have you asking why businesses and organizations of all types haven’t also invested in a similar technology to help protect their personnel and expensive assets.

The reason, of course, is that a superior professional security system that employs digital technology has already been in place and has proven extremely effective at keeping companies secure; this system is digital ID security cards. As a tried and tested technology, using employee ID cards can help you to avoid some of the problems with smart home security technology that have recently come to light.

More Than Digital Security

The reason that digital security ID card systems are not a part of the new trend towards smart devices has to do with more than the simple fact that they have already been in effective use for much longer than this recent trend. ID security cards simply offer much more than smart devices tend to offer. Some of the professional security features that keep business and organizations of all types safe from nefarious activity are:

  • Digital Magnetic Strips
  • Encoded Data
  • Contactless Card Readers
  • High Resolution Printing
  • Photo ID

Due to the fact that security ID cards are made with PVC, they are highly versatile and able to incorporate a wide variety of digital and print technology.

Personnel Tracking

With a digital security ID card system in place at your office, you can monitor when your employees have accessed the location by checking when their cards have accessed the system. In order to get the same results from a smart home system, you would have to equip every one of your employees with an expensive smart phone.

Security ID cards, on the other hand, only require inexpensive PVC cards to be given to each person using the system. These are small, easy to use, easy to custom design, and can be printed at high resolution quality when new employees are hired. You can even issue temporary cards to be used as guest passes.


There are many accessories available for a complete security ID card printing system, which you can opt to purchase when you invest in a security ID card printer. Items like a retractable badge holder reel or a lanyard printed with your company logo can help to ensure that your employees’ ID cards do not get lost and are easy to use when they pass through security checkpoints.

More Secure

Due to the fact that security ID cards work with a localized system rather than using wireless internet technology, they are not susceptible to the threat of cyber security attacks. There’s a reason after all that even emergency services, as well as military and police forces, trust their security to ID cards.

When it comes to your company assets and employees, you can’t afford to rely on consumer products to keep you safe. Trust your company’s security to the experts with a security ID card printing system.

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