Top Money Saving Tips for Your Next Tradeshow


Tradeshow marketing is never cheap, and for the businesses that use it as a primary marketing method, serious budget allocation is usually made for each event. But even if there is a budget, it is still worthy to consider various money saving tips, so that you can lower the budget load of the business. Here are some of the tips businesses can use to save on your next tradeshow:

 Mark your calendar

Tradeshow organizers will always offer a lot of incentives to entice businesses to sign up quickly. These may include early bird rates, which will help you save considerably for the event. Additionally, if you know the events you will be attending ahead of time, you can make your bookings early enough and save on travel and accommodation.

Rent your exhibit

Though the sense of ownership may be tempting when it comes to tradeshow booths, renting is always a cheaper and more flexible option compared to buying one. When renting, you have a lot of options to choose from, and you can choose the ones that will best suit the needs of your business during that particular event.

Don’t trust products provided on-site

Be sure to pack and ship everything you need to the venue. You may find that you need items such as surge protectors, electrical tape, trash cans, batteries, power cords and cleaning supplies, and though they will be available at the hotel or on the exhibition site, they will be unnecessarily expensive.

Be careful with your graphic design

Make designs that you can use over and over again. If you have to discard some of the designs after shows, ensure you don’t discard more than 20%. With time, you should think about switching from print to digital graphics, as this will save you money and give you more flexibility and control over the graphics.

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