What to Do When They Deny Your Benefits


According to Veterans PTSD, there are more than 20 percent of those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan that have been diagnosed with having PTSD, as well as depression. Many of these men and women veterans serve the country willingly and have sacrificed quite a bit. Many of these veterans sign up with the military if they will be able to receive benefits later on in life if necessary. When you sign up with the military you end up sacrificing quite a bit. Not only are you sacrificing your own life, but you are giving up the freedom and opportunity to see family, see your friends, go out on a date, attend a social gathering, all day to day activities that you would normally do. You give all those activities to help your country. What is saddening, is that when you are now in need of help, there is no one to help you. You try to apply for benefits to help support your disability that you go from serving, only to find out that you were denied. If you have recently been denied for benefits for your disability, then you must make sure to reach out to a lawyer to see how they can help you get what should be rightfully paid to you.

According to Medline, there are hundreds of veterans still facing PTSD, 31 percent are Vietnam veterans, 10 percent are from the Gulf War, 11 percent come from the war in Afghanistan and 20 percent of veterans suffering with PTSD come from the Iraqi war. Many of these veterans have seen a significant amount of violence and aggression. Many of these men and women are permanently scarred for the rest of their lives. They are no longer able to even live a normal life because of the trauma that has scarred them. It is critical that these veterans not only receive medical treatment for their PTSD but should be fairly compensated. The amount of trauma that these women and men have seen are far beyond any normal human should be exposed to. It is only fair that you receive benefits when you need it. You have made a sacrifice; therefore, you should receive assistance for the consequences you are now facing because of your sacrifice.

If you have been denied benefits, you must contact a lawyer to help you. Many times, the ruling of disability benefits is unfair and unjust. If you have been suffering badly from your PTSD, you are no longer able to perform any job normally, even if you forced yourself too. PTSD could affect your life and everyone around your significantly, whether you notice it or not. Getting a job would be extremely difficult for you and if you got one, it would be hard to keep and maintain, since you would still be experiencing your symptoms of PTSD. Start your search for a lawyer by conducting an online search for: veterans mental health disability lawyer.

Overall, dealing with PTSD is difficult. Not only is it difficult, but it can change your life and turn your world upside down. Getting a lawyer to walk you through the legal battle of getting your benefits is the best thing you can do for yourself now. Only a lawyer is knowledgeable of the important legal information you may not know on your own.

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