Gas Fireplaces 101 in Surrey

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Wood is great. But honestly, it doesn’t beat the convenience of fire lit by the push of a button. In this piece, we have taken the liberty of explaining the intricacies of setting up a gas fireplace in Surrey.

Efficient heat

There is only one thing that can beat the bright embers of a wooden fireplace: a roaring fire needing little to no cleanup, no tending and one that heats up the entire house evenly. These are the perks you enjoy when you get a fireplace in Surrey. Gas fireplaces have come a long way from the blue flames with unrealistic logs. Today, their design is more believable, with the orange-yellow embers dancing and flickering around fake logs.

There are three kinds of Surrey gas fireplaces:

  • Retrofit fireplaces – these are basically wood burning fireboxes
  • Built-in fireplaces – designed for homeowners who want a fireplace installed in a space where there isn’t one already
  • Basic burner – these sit in open fireplaces

Regardless of the type you choose, you will be assured of a reliable heat radiating throughout your home. Note that with the above types you have options between the vent and vent-free models. Below are some key features explained to ease your choosing.

Propane or Natural Gas

Gas fireplaces in Surrey are designed to burn either of these fuel types. In comparison to propane, natural gas is cheaper and produces 5% more heat. However, propane is preferred in regions where natural gas is not available.

Hire a pro or DIY?

Yes, there’s always the option of getting things done yourself. And with numerous DIY videos online, it’s understandable why homeowners think they are qualified enough to install a fireplace by themselves. But here is the thing: no amount of YouTube video bingeing can replace years of training and experience. It’s advisable to hire a reputable and certified technician to install your gas fireplace in Surrey.



How many BTUs?

The heat output by your gas fireplace in BTUs must be proportional to the size of the room, the insulation, and climate.

Why should you choose a gas fireplace in Surrey?

As we started by pointing out, wood fireplaces provide exceptional ambiance. But unfortunately, they don’t beat the ease and convenience of gas fireplaces. Below are some reasons to prefer gas to wood fireplaces:

  • No ashes or dirty chimneys are left behind to clean
  • You can start, snuff and adjust the fire remotely
  • The fire does need tending and its embers won’t dwindle
  • A thermostat controls the flame size and consequently allows you to maintain the desired temperature
  • You get between 75% and 99% fuel energy in the form of heat instead of 10% like with wood
  • Gas fireplaces can be installed anywhere – in the basement, outdoors or even in a bathroom


When choosing a gas fireplace, exercise caution. Read up on all important features. Know the features to look for and what you need for your home. More to this you should consult a professional fireplace technician to help clear up any doubt you may have and to ensure you get the best deal.

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