You CAN Smile and Be Critical

Customer Service

I journey extensively and get to expertise immigration officers in many various nations and I’ve observed one unlucky commonality. They will not smile!

That is so common, I can solely assume it should be written within the immigration official’s instruction e-book in each nation.At first, I assumed it was my nationality – I’m Australian and we’re well-known for misbehaving when travelling – however, I noticed everybody will get the identical remedy. I nonetheless smile myself. It is simply pure with anybody I am assembly for the primary time. At one stage, I noticed it as a problem to get them to smile. I quickly stopped, not as a result of I used to be failing (which I used to be) however as a result of I began to fret that if I attempted too laborious they might get suspicious and I might be hauled off for interrogation and looking out.

Sarcastically, in a number of the higher airports, they ask you to price your immigration expertise by selecting to press one among a collection of buttons with faces on them. And what does the ‘glorious’ button have – a smiley face! Do not they get it?So, my query is, why? And my guess on the reply is that they suppose that in the event that they smile we cannot take them critically. It is a frequent false impression.

If I smile at you once I greet you, it isn’t as a result of I feel you are humorous. I’m not making an attempt to get you to chortle. I’m merely making an effort to create a optimistic rapport to facilitate our communication.So, be extra ready to smile… and other people may even take you extra critically!

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