Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Intranet


In the technology age, it’s more important to increase the productivity of your team members. Your company’s intranet could be the very tool that gives your employees everything they need. Why would a company use an intranet? Here’s how a successful intranet can keep your employees motivated and productive. 

Removes Communication Barriers 

Technology has made it easier for business owners to communicate with their employees anywhere at any given time. Maintaining that speed and transparency with technology has made it impossible for work teams to provide valuable information when technology goes down or engagement decreases. A solid intranet can allow your team to get information in one place. 

Your employees will have a better idea of your goals and overall vision for your company. This allows them to see how their work affects the entire company. This will allow them to become more interested in their work because they understand how it affects your company. 

Easily Shares Information 

Your company probably uses e-mail as a form of communication to share important company information. Did you know that the average employee checks their inbox 36 times a day? This can cause stress and distraction, especially if those employees work from home. Sharing information on the intranet reduces the need to check their inbox. 

Share important information through your company’s intranet instead when it comes to important memos or announcements. Everyone will have access to this information being shared, including your employees and the teams involved. By sharing this information through the intranet, your team will have more options to respond. This provides an open means of communication rather than one-way communication. 

Allows for Remote Work 

Your company should have an intranet because it’s how millennials want to work. More of them are looking for remote work. This gives them more opportunities to share ideas, listen to other’s ideas, and work together to help the company achieve their goals while they’re part of the organization from the comfort of their homes. Millennials want the opportunity to grow and learn in their positions, according to Gallup analytics

They can do that while working through the intranet. This allows them to share their ambitions, aspirations, and goals in an online setting. When they’re not discussing these topics, they become less engaged with their career. This could lead them to look for another job outside your organization. It’s important for you to provide an online space that helps them stay focused and motivated on their goals. 

Improve Collaboration and Feedback 

An intranet is the best way to provide collaboration and feedback between the organization and team members. Most intranets include features such as social networking, message boards, document sharing, and notifications. Using these features allows everything to make a contribution and provide feedback across the board. 

You should consider having an intranet system that includes real-time editing and updating with your team members. This will help them stay on top of important assignments and deadlines. Having one place to provide feedback and to have information available will increase collaboration with team members and stakeholders. 

Gives You a Way to Motivate Employees 

Thanks to remote work, you can offer freelance and other self-employment opportunities. This has led to an increase in work at home opportunities. Managers must keep up with the times to keep their employees happy and healthy. If you use an intranet tool, you’ll be able to determine what your employees want to become motivated and productive team members. 

You can help them discover their personal passions via the intranet through chat rooms and video conferences. You can then gather the strengths of each of your team members in these discussions. This can help you create better training programs that help with their strengths or personal passions. It also helps your employees discover their own strengths and goals they never realized before. 

When you team members open up to their managers, they build better relationships with their managers and colleagues. This leads to a better understanding of one another. This can lead to increased trust and allows each individual to contribute to their team.

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