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Four Reasons Your Office Needs A Drug and Alcohol Program

You need to protect your staff and company codes. Implementing a drug-free workplace is going to go a long way to prevent problems that may arise in the future.

One of your workers may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. The last thing you want to do is humiliate them in front of everyone else. You also do not want to degrade them. The person may be one of your best employees, but they still have a problem.

  • You will improve productivity at work. Your staff is going to be affected by what is happening. Some members of your staff may become injured due to the person’s actions. Did you know that one in four deaths at work happens because of drugs? Did you also know that one out of every six people faces work-related injuries due to drug issues? These are alarming statistics and need to be taken seriously.
  • You need to establish some program that way work can continue as usual, and the person gets the help they need.
  • Did you know that people who do drugs before or after they come to work frequently miss work and deadlines? They will come up with every excuse in the book, claiming it will never happen again, until it does.
  • Worker’s Compensation claims are on the rise. Did you know an addict is twice as likely to file a complaint compared to a non-user? They file the claim based on a flimsy excuse. They will then use the money they are rewarded to buy more drugs. It is a vicious cycle that needs to end.

Now, you may not be able to end it completely, but you can reduce the chances of it happening so frequently.

  • A drug-free program will show your staff you have a vested interest in their lives. It will also educate them on what not to do. You may have some workers who are on their way to being in the same situation. Show your staff that the behavior is not tolerated.

You can read more about implementing a drug-free work zone by clicking

How do you address the problem without causing more issues?

  • Talk to the person in private in a calm fashion. You do not want to accuse them, but you do want to address the situation. Do you notice patterns right now? You should give them the chance to defend themselves first.
  • Choose your words very carefully. Talk about their job performance. Ask them why they are not performing well right now. The calm approach is best unless they have come into work drugged or drunk already.
  • You should plan for denial. Most people who are drug addicts are going to deny it initially. Prepare to use some tough love. You cannot treat the person with kid gloves when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction.

An intervention may not be necessary but be prepared to hold one if the situation requires one, for more option click here.

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