Hand Punch Biometrics In Toronto: Take Note Of These Benefits

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For many decades, business establishments have used time clocks for employee time recording and tracking the number of hours that employees put in at work. The traditional systems manually record reporting time and departure time by incorporating things like punch cards and computers for clocking in and clocking out. However, biometric systems such as the hand punch biometrics in Toronto are at the forefront of tracking attendance and time.

Where can you deploy hand punch biometrics?

Hand punch biometrics in Toronto are applicable to any workplace environment that requires employees to be present physically. Some of these work environments include retail spaces, construction sites, healthcare clinics, and more. The biometric attendance and time technology is critical for the larger projects with several overlapping shifts. Any payroll disputes caused by an employee time recording error can cost considerable administrative time. However, the automated accountable records that solely rely on biometrics identity assurance can minimize such possibilities.

Schools and other educational institutions are other prime candidates for hand punch biometrics. Such solutions ensure that students taking courses online are the actual ones who take the tests and participate in the online discussions. These systems come in handy, as they help track student attendance, especially in classes with larger populations. Furthermore, these systems can ensure that the enrolled students are the ones who attend classes and sit for the exams.

Consider the following outlined benefits of biometric employee time recording and note how the system can come in handy for your organization.

Less Time Spent Preparing the Payroll

Even the highly skilled or best employees can have lapses while the traditional punch in time recording machines are forgettable, especially when using a phone or computer the whole day. A hand punch biometric system, on the other hand, is a winner. The new and innovative biometric time recording systems are far better than the traditional modes of time recording. Since the employees will be required to walk into a terminal and record time using their fingerprints, the timekeeping process becomes more memorable for the employees and instances of missed punches are eliminated.

Since the biometric timekeeping and attendance systems record and log the time and attendance data instantaneously, managers can easily identify any missed punches, thereby enabling them to rectify timekeeping issues prior to submission to the payroll. The Biometrics attendance systems are extremely helpful, as they reduce instances of missed punches and allow for corrections to be made before the payroll office is involved.

Ensure Attendance

A new form of timekeeping system allows staff to clock in using their computers or smart phones. While this may initially seem like a superb idea because there is no requirement for additional technological implementation, in reality, the system can be a major contributor to employee non-compliance. Such a system will allow your employees to clock in while parked outside or clock out many hours after leaving work. A hand punch biometric system, on the other hand, will require your employees to be in attendance physically and not miles away from the workplace. If you wish to put an end to absenteeism and make sure your employees are physically present at the job site, then biometrics provides you with the perfect solution.

Reduced Instances of Time Theft

Adopting employee time recording with the help of hand punch biometrics in Toronto effectively eliminates time theft and buddy punching. These systems require every employee to be at the specified worksite or work area to punch in.

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