Important Things to Look For In a File Storage Facility in London Ontario

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You may think that all file storage facilities are the same, but that is not true. Some file storage facilities are better than others are, so you have to be careful to get the best. Natural disasters, theft, and unauthorized access are just some of the things that can endanger your documents. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing a facility to entrust with the storage of your critical business documents. You want to be sure that all your files will be safe and that you can easily access them whenever the need arises. Here are some things to look for in a facility you entrust with file storage in London, Ontario.


It is obvious that a file storage facility should be well built, from the ground up. For example, the building should have a reinforced steel roof and concrete floors, which guarantees complete security, as well as safety of all your important documents. It is wise to visit a facility you are considering for file storage in London, Ontario before making your final decision. Pay attention to the building, and avoid facilities with poorly constructed buildings that are easy targets for intruders.


A secure building is necessary when it comes to keeping your vital documents safe from security threats. Ensure that the facility you choose for file storage has 24/7 monitoring and a high-tech intruder detection system in place. As far as comprehensive protection goes, your documents are only as secure as the building they are stored in. If a potential file storage facility uses various options such as pallet storage, ensure that they are secure.

Properly Maintained

Ensure that the facility you choose for your file storage needs is well maintained. A poorly maintained facility is a clear indication of a documents disaster in waiting. Dust pileup, pests, and insufficient ventilation are some of the dangers your documents might be exposed to if stored in a facility that is not properly maintained.

Restricted Access

This is crucial for any secure file storage facility. It is essential that only authorized personnel are granted access to the document storage facility you choose. When visitors visit the facility, they should sign in at the gate and should be accompanied by a worker when on the premises. You will be at peace knowing that the facility you choose for file storage does not allow just anyone to access the facility.


Fire Protection

Fire is a serious threat to unprotected buildings, not forgetting your documents. Before choosing a certain file storage facility, ensure that it has fire protection systems in place. If you are looking for help with pallet storage, fire protection should be an essential consideration.

Outsourcing your file storage needs to a company that has a rock solid facility ensures the safety of your documents, which gives you peace of mind. Remember that file storage facilities are not all created equal. You should do some research and compare a few facilities to get one that offers reliable file storage in London, Ontario.

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