Data Science with Python: To enter the most sought-after profession


Today, the Data Science profession is considered as a popular one in the industry. Hence, software professionals working in this industry are often revered, and they are known as data scientists. They are considered as valuable resources to their organisation.

Zeolearn offers Data Science with Python course wherein candidates learn to analyse the data by using the features of Python. Through this, they will be able to create the best visualisations and learn to make use of machine learning algorithms to convert data into significant statistics through this training module.

With this training in Data Science using Python, candidates will learn and understand the core concepts of Data Science. Later on, they will be able to use these for data mining by getting some practical expertise. They can also use these concepts in visualisation and for information management. Training will be on both theory and practical subjects. In practical sessions, students explore live and sample industry projects as well.

The training in Zeolearn is led by experienced professionals who are industry experts. These mentors and instructors will focus on teaching Python concepts, the creation of fantastic data visualisations and the usage of machine learning with Python. Study materials are also provided to candidates for their reference.

Data Science With Python Training: Objectives

  • Learn to program with Python
  • Learn to solve complex tasks using pandas Data Frames
  • NumPy with Python language
  • Usage of Pandas to handle excel files
  • Usage of Python for web scraping
  • Connect SQL to Python
  • Usage of Plotly in interactive visualisations
  • Machine learning alongside SciKit learn which includes Supporting Vector machines, Tensorflow, Spark, Neural Nets and Deep Learning, Decision Trees, K Nearest Neighbors Random Forests, K Means Clustering, Linear regression and Natural Language Processing
  • Along with all these, they also learn Jupyter

Data Science With Python: Target Audience

This Data Science with Python course is best suited for beginners who plan to make a Data Science career. This can also be the choice for working professionals who want to gain in-depth knowledge of Python in Data Analysis.


Having knowledge in Python is essential. But this is not mandatory. Since this course is also aimed to teach beginners, there is an additional module meant for Python training which will cover the basics of Python. This training on Python basics will be for 12 hours, and this will help the candidates to speed up and be on track with experienced candidates in the same course.

This course can be taken up by analysts who are interested in Python learning. This can be taken up by software professionals who look out for switching into the field of analytics.

This is best suited for beginners and IT professionals who are interested in making a career path in analytics. Graduates can join this course if they are interested in entering the field of Data Science and Analytics. Experienced candidates can join this course if they want to delve deeper into Data Science using Python.

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