Directional Drilling Experts in Vernon and Salmon Arm


If you often work on projects that largely involve making tunnels or trenches, such as oil and gas drilling, installation of water and sewer lines or fixing of electrical or fiber optic infrastructure, you know that sometimes the process can be complex, especially when working in sensitive areas. Luckily, you can find some companies that are renowned for providing unparalleled directional drilling services in a safe, effective, affordable and environmentally-friendly manner.

Directional Drilling Experts in Vernon and Salmon Arm

If you are working on a project that requires directional drilling in Vernon or Salmon Arm, you will find experts that have specialized in these things. Their companies have some of the most advanced equipment and machinery that enables them to handle such tasks in a safe and efficient way. Whether you are now searching for Vernon electrofusion experts or are handling a project that involves fusible PVC in Salmon Arm, these companies can come in handy. Their areas of specialization include:

1. Directional Drilling Services

If you want to install an underground utility or infrastructure but do not want to cause any disturbance to the landscape or structures that are above the ground, horizontal directional drilling might just be the ideal technique to use. The best thing about this technique is that special horizontal directional drilling equipment is used, hence it will not affect highways, roads, railways or buildings, hence other activities and operations will go on unhindered. It is ideal for:

a) Installation of electric, gas, water and telecommunications lines
b) Boring under roads, water crossings, lawn sprinkler sleeves, parking lot lighting, landscaping, electric, water and sewer lines
c) Installations in areas with diverse soil conditions
d) Crossing railways, canals, pools, rivers, water courses, as well as underground facilities
e) Geothermal installations

2. Electrofusion Services

Electrofusion is an advanced technique of creating strong and homogenous joints between different kinds of piping. The process usually produces durable and reliable connections that prevent infiltration of the pipes from things like tree roots and can hold up even under very high pressure. This technique usually uses special fittings with built-in electric heating elements that enable the pipes to melt and weld the joint together. If you are searching for a renowned Vernon electrofusion expert to help you reliably join your pipes, these companies can help.

  1. Fusible PVC in Salmon Arm

If you want an easy, lightweight and durable way to install pipes for your underground pipe work, fusible PVC might be just what you need. Fusible PVC pipes usually offer superior durability and stiffness, compared to the other plastic piping options. Moreover, it also eliminates any need for transition fittings and this creates a much stronger pipe, which will limit long-term deformation beneath the soil load. The fusion work is usually done on-site by experienced technicians who use industry-standard fusion equipment. The option is ideal for use in electrical, industrial, water, sewer and telecommunications applications.

These experts can also provide you with reliable plowing, hydrovac and utility locating services. Note that all of their services are usually provided with strict adherence to high safety and professional standards. Whether you are in need of fusible PVC in Salmon Arm, or need Vernon electrofusion specialists to help you fix your underground piping, these companies can help.

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