Preparation Tips For Your First Motorcycle Tour in Cold Lake


You’ve just acquired your motorcycle in Cold Lake and now it’s time to take your new bike on the first long distance trip. However, making preparations for a long distance ride or tour is somewhat different from the preparations you would make for the traditional road trip. You probably won’t have to do any luggage stuffing in a car, but stuffing is no option if you plan to take your motorcycle. So, this is an issue you might want to seriously consider. Below are preparation suggestions compiled by your Harley dealer in Cold Lake. Whether you are planning your first or next trip, these suggestions will certainly come in handy.

One of the most critical aspects of the process involves finding an ideal motorcycle in Cold Lake for the trip. Therefore, if you are still searching for your perfect bike or you need your current one looked at prior to the tour, then you should consider visiting a Harley dealer in Cold Lake.


If you have never toured before or you have not ridden a bike yet, we strongly suggest that you take several practice trips. The long-distance trips can be very tiring and when you have to battle the weather elements and strong winds on the highway, the experience can be pretty much exhausting. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the whole experience and prepare yourself because you will need the mental endurance. You may begin by taking 1 or 2 hour-long trips, making stops in between, as this will prepare you by working your way up in readiness for the real deal.

Pack Light

One of the most challenging aspects is motorcycle packing. The fact that space is limited on a bike means every pound you add matters. Excess weight will just make your motorcycle slower, less fuel efficient, and harder to maneuver. Therefore, pack efficiently and ensure you have all that you will need, but do not overload your motorcycle. You may start with the bare essentials such as water, snacks, spare clothes, a first aid box, and a toolkit. If you plan to lay camp, then you will need a sleeping bag and a tent. Make sure these are lightweight. After packing all these items, you can begin packing the luxury items. Even so, you must consider your weight, as well. Additional items you include must be lightweight.


If you acquire a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Cold Lake, then you will definitely love its roar. However, the roar can get very loud. If you add on to the noise produced by blowing wind, you actually realize the need to protect your hearing. You might actually assume that you’re safe simply because your helmet is keeping your ears shielded from the noise, but the intense vibrations wracking on your helmet potentially worsen things. Therefore, invest in a good pair of earplugs that will act as effective protection for your ears. The foam earplug varieties are actually perfect and fairly cheap. So, make sure to carry plenty of earplugs.

With these tips, we hope that you will enjoy your ride. For the best possible experience, consider getting a motorcycle in Cold Lake. If you want to get the best bike for your trip, then we recommend a Harley-Davidson. You can actually find out the bikes available for you based on your budget and specific requirements by visiting your local Harley dealer in Cold Lake.

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