Using Social Media to Market Your Brand

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How will you market your brand for the masses? Social media is growing as a solid form of marketing. Some of the most common ways companies utilize social media is through social networking, news, sharing, and informational sites.

Social Networking

Social networking joins people within the web-based world. The web is full of people who are ready to socialize. When individuals are online, they can assemble and share information about cooking, golf, improving friendships, shopping, creating partnerships, promoting businesses, and more. Social networking themes are as diverse and as rich as the story of our planet.

Companies with the goal of expanding their brand name can utilize social networking through various websites. A number of online communities include people who have interests in common. After a company targets their audience, they need to find out where their audience likes to socialize online. Social networking from a business standpoint involves keeping in contact with current and potential customers.

Social News

A social news homepage is a site that features user-submitted stories. These stories are then ranked by popularity. Social news websites permit the users to submit information. How the submitted information is featured varies by the site. Businesses can use this to their benefit by promoting the press about their brand as a social news story.


A wiki is an online content platform that permits the creation and altering of interlinked web spaces. The content is compiled via a program that utilizes a simple language. Internet users often rely on wikis as an information guide. Wikis are normally powered by wiki programming and are used by numerous individuals.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to operate, form, and store bookmarks of assets within the online world. Unlike document sharing, the content is not shared. Only the bookmarks that reference the content are shared. Portrayals can also be placed in bookmarks in the form of metadata. Portrayals help users understand the content before they download.

Social bookmarking sites are popping up everywhere these days, and their popularity is growing. David Peinsipp, co-head of Cooley’s global capital markets practice group, says “Twitter is an excellent tool for bookmarking and you can do it in a couple of ways. Posting links, images, and content with your account means you’ll have technically bookmarked them. I use it regularly.” Any businesses can take advantage of this. “Bookmarking is particularly helpful for information based companies and companies with multiple links,” adds David Peinsipp.

Social trends online are ever changing, but businesses that are serious about promoting their brand do well to keep up. When a business uses social media as a marketing tool, they can guarantee that their amazing designs will never go to waste.



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