What Are The Benefits of Blogger Outreach?

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People are always looking for safe ways to build high quality links to their website, and blogger outreach has become the leader in this field. But, lots of people fail to understand some of the other benefits which a successful blogger outreach campaign can yield for their website.

Take a look at this UK blogger outreach service for example, if you read through their service page, you’ll notice a huge amount of benefits that go above and beyond building a simple high quality link, and that’s the type of thing you need to keep in mind when you’re managing a blogger outreach campaign, to ensure that you get the best results from your work.

Referral Traffic

When you take the time to pick the best blogs for your project, you’ll end up receiving tons of high quality, targeted referral traffic from your blog posts. Let’s say for example that you run a food blog, and you target another blog all about food which receives millions of visitors per month. If you produce an amazing article, and publish it on that blog, you’re going to attract visitors from your target audience, and if they enjoy your content, they are going to follow the link through to your website and potentially become a regular reader of your blog too.

Brand Awareness

Depending on how you write your post; whether you place your link in the content of the post, or in the author bio area, you can really help to build awareness of your brand. Again, this requires that you choose a target blog which has the same target audience that you have, and also has a much larger audience than you have. There is no point spending days writing a great piece of content, if you’re going to publish it on a blog which receives only a handful of visitors. You want to get your message in front of the largest audience possible.

Search Visibility

Of course, the one everybody wants the most – search visibility. Blogger outreach gives you a great platform to build high quality links to your website, in relevant content, and using a relevant anchor text. All of these things combined will give you a strong backlink, which will help to increase your search engine visibility. But, this should not be your main focus when it comes to blogger outreach. You should be focussing on this and the other two points I mentioned equally. If you’re doing blogger outreach or guest posting just to build links, you’re missing out on the other huge benefits.

Hopefully this article has given you a little more insight into the true benefits of blogger outreach, and what you can expect to achieve if you take your guest posting campaign seriously and make the most of your time and efforts. Instead of just getting a simple link from each article, you could be getting brand awareness, exposure, referral traffic, and that valuable link too! Instant referral traffic from a highly targeted audience could bring a greater ROI than a single link back to your website for search visibility. So, even if the link you’re getting is nofollow, if it looks to be worthwhile in terms of the traffic and relevancy, you should include it in your campaign!

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