Oilfield Equipment in Calgary

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Whether you work in the construction, pipeline, oilfield, mining, remediation or any other industry, you need the right kind of equipment for your operations. If you do not have such equipment, there are companies that have fleets of modern equipment and support vehicles that they sell or offer on a rental basis at very affordable rates. They are continuously upgraded and well-maintained for optimal performance.

Oilfield Equipment in Calgary

If you need quality equipment for your remote worksite or oilfield operations, there are companies that can provide you with the best solutions. Their unique and great quality equipment has specifically been designed to achieve optimal levels of efficiency, safety and reliability. Furthermore, their solutions are also environmentally-friendly and easy to use. Whether you want to rent reliable ground thawing equipment, or need trucks for oilfield hauling in Calgary, these companies will meet your needs. They can offer you:

1. Heating Solutions

These experts can provide you with quality heating and ground thawing equipment to help keep your ground warm, in order to ensure easier and proper setting of concrete before you can build anything on it. Besides the heater rentals, these companies can also provide you with reliable service crews that can set up, operate and remove the equipment to ensure that your job runs smoothly. Their units are easy to start and operate since they are computerized.

2. Trucking Services

These experts usually offer timely and reliable trucking services for different kinds of worksites. Their fleets of trucks are able to deliver rig mats to your specified location at a moment’s notice. Moreover, they are always ready to deliver fast and efficient oilfield hauling in Calgary. Some of the equipment they offer for these kinds of services includes:

a) Gooseneck and flatbed trailers
b) Tridem and Winch tractors
c) High Boy, Low Boy, and Super B trailers
d) 1-ton trucks


  1. Light Towers

These companies also offer reliable light tower rentals for different types of worksites. Their towers are able to provide several kilowatts of power and luminance to meet your needs. Moreover, these towers usually come with button-operated and very easy-to-use hydraulic lift systems that enable the masts to reach different heights. These units also come with built-in outlets for efficient use on worksites.

4. Matting Options

These experts also offer different matting solutions like high performance composite mats, swamp mats and even rig mats. Their access mats are ideal for a range of applications across different industries. They help to protect delicate landscapes from any damage, provide access to remote areas and reduce recovery costs. Whether you need rig mats, access mats or interlocking mats for your worksite, these experts can provide you with the best.

If you do not know how to use the equipment, these companies can also provide you with specialists who will either show you how to use it or help with the set up, operation and dismantling of it. Moreover, they can also repair or service your faulty equipment to ensure optimal performance. Whether you want to rent quality ground thawing equipment, or machinery for oilfield hauling in Calgary, these companies can help.

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