4 more ideas for rethinking your industrial storage

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If you want to make sure that your warehouse is as efficient as it can be, you may want to consider implementing some tactics to speed up the storage process.

Here are four more ways that you can alter your industrial storage space.

Use Automation To Augment Workforces

Paying for labor is one of the biggest costs for most warehouse managers, but you can reduce these costs by using automation to augment your workforce. An automated system can also help to improve overall efficiency levels, so there are two benefits to doing this. After all, automation can make life easier in lots of different ways, so you might as well take advantage of this!

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Use Automation For Small Orders

Automation can also be used for smaller orders. As customer requirement times are constantly changing and warehouse lead times are starting to shrink, companies should start to think about smaller quantities when they are setting reserve storage and putaway capabilities. Vertical shuttles and mini totes can be good options for companies that struggle with their storage space, especially if they receive a lot of small orders that are difficult to manage manually.

Use Put To Store

You might also consider using put to store on your dock. Time is of the essence in the modern world of same-day shipping, so you should take advantage of this with put to store. This can significantly reduce the number of items that are in your warehouse, freeing up extra space so that you can make even more transfers. This is very useful for companies that have a high turnover, such as those that mostly send their items with same-day delivery.

Separate Different Items Across Different Warehouses

Another great way to make the most of your industrial storage is to use different warehouses to store different items. This means that it will always be very easy for you to locate the specific items that you need, even if you store a huge amount of items. This will also improve efficiency at each warehouse, as your workforce won’t need to check every product before packages are sent out. Instead, you just need to focus on picking the items up and delivering them.

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