First steps to launching your bounce house business

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Bounce house rental businesses are a great way for entrepreneurs to establish themselves in the business world. Renting out inflatable bounce houses and slides for parties and corporate events can provide substantial income, allowing people to work for themselves and giving them financial freedom. Going into the inflatables rental business can be challenging, however, and in this guide we’ll provide some basic tips on getting started, making it as easy as possible for you to launch your own business.

Getting Started: Do Your Research

Before starting any business endeavor, it is important to do the background research needed to succeed. For bounce house rental businesses, there are several considerations to take into account. As you plan your business, consider the following:

  • What are my competitors doing?
  • What can I do differently to stand out?
  • How is the market in my area? Are there a lot of community events where I could provide inflatables for rent?
  • Are there any permits or licenses required before I can start renting out bounce houses?
  • What sort of business insurance do I need?
  • Where will I find quality inflatable products to rent out?

The answers to these questions can point toward opportunities, even in a crowded marketplace. Standing out from the competition is key to carving a niche for your new business.

Finding Quality Inflatable Products

One way that a new bounce house rental business can establish itself quickly is by developing a partnership with an inflatables manufacturer. Too many rental businesses cut corners in this area, purchasing inflatables that aren’t designed to last.

Inflatable bounce houses and inflatable slides for rent are the core of the business operation, and it is incredibly important not to skimp on this vital investment. A quality bounce house manufacturer makes their products strong, giving them the durability to last for many years of harsh use at outdoor events and festivals. Top-quality materials and construction practices are the hallmark of an industry-leading inflatables manufacturer.

By identifying and working with a high-quality inflatables manufacturer, new businesses may also take advantage of customization. Creating one-of-a-kind bouncers, slides, and inflatable interactives can help make the new business stand out from competitors, and a reputable inflatables manufacturer typically offers some form of customization service.

Whether you start with just a couple of quality inflatable products, or are ready to dive deeply into the rental world with a broad selection of inflatables, a respected inflatables manufacturer is great to have on your side.

Customer Service is Key

Now that you’ve selected bounce houses, inflatable wet/dry slides, and inflatable combos, how will you do things differently than your competitors? One of the best ways to build a reputation fast is to deliver impeccable customer service. Being responsive to customers, supporting them as they plan and host parties, and delivering the very best in inflatables products are all parts of the customer service puzzle. With these service-oriented factors in place, new bounce house businesses will enjoy success for years to come.

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